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Posted on November 10th, 2014 by curvine

The trusted leader in media‑player mounting

About Innovelis

Creative, insightful design

Our creative team is driven to provide easy-to-use mounting solutions for streaming media devices, Wi-Fi routers, and game consoles.  Our design methodology is guided by a clear understanding of our customers’ needs, which enables us to invent uncommonly innovative mounts that customers love.  We have grown our portfolio of innovative and patented mounts to support most streaming media players available on the market today.

What would you like to mount?

TotalMount for Apple TV
Click here to find out more.  Compatible with both the old and new Apple TV.


TotalMount for Roku
Click here to find out more.

TotalMount for Fire TV
Click here to find out more.

Nintendo Switch

TotalMount for Nintendo Switch
Click here to find out more.

Xbox One S

TotalMount for Xbox One S
Click here to find out more.

PS4 Pro

TotalMount for PS4 Pro
Click here to find out more.


TotalMount for PS4 Slim
Click here to find out more.

AirPort Express

TotalMount for AirPort Express
Click here to find out more.

AirPort Extreme

TotalMount for AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule
We offer two versions: Deluxe and Standard

ATV remote

TotalMount for
Siri Remote

Click here to find out more.

Why Use TotalMount?

Declutter Your Living Room

Mounting your streaming media player to the back of your television keeps it hidden from view, giving you easy access to all your media entertainment while maintaining a clean look in your living area.

Easy & Secure

Our special heat tolerant adhesive system allows you to mount your streaming media player behind your television without requiring any tools.

TotalMount for Amazon Fire TV

                       TotalMount for Apple TV

Avoid Wall Tunneling

With TotalMount, there is no need to tunnel another HDMI cable through the wall to the back of your TV.


TotalMount enables direct access to your TV’s HDMI port, eliminating the need to tunnel an HDMI cable through your wall.

3 Apple TV Mounting Diagram

Where to Buy?

Distributors Worldwide

Intellectual Property

As the trusted leader in media-player mounting, we are passionate about continually inventing innovative mounting features.  Over the years, we have developed a remarkable patent portfolio thanks to the creativity and dedication of our design and legal teams.


Our Locations
Seattle, WA and Minneapolis, MN