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TotalMount for
Nintendo Switch

Mount Your Nintendo Switch® Easily and Reliably

Nintendo Switch® is an amazing product, but there is a problem: Where do you put your Nintendo Switch?

The cables often are not long enough to reach your entertainment center. Another important consideration is that leaving cables exposed looks sloppy, and routing cables through the wall to hide the cables is a major hassle. TotalMount solves the installation problem by attaching your Nintendo Switch® to the wall near your television.

All-Side Security

All sides of your Nintendo Switch are securely held in place to prevent accidental falls.

No Wall Tunneling

Mounting Switch® behind or near your television eliminates the need to run the HDMI cable through your wall.

The Perfect Home for Your
Joy-Con® Controllers

Never misplace your Joy-Con® Controllers again with our built-in controller holders.

Immaculately Designed

We poured our passion into even the smallest details to make truly the best gaming mounts in the industry.


Does the TotalMount for Nintendo Switch require any tools to set up?

Thanks to our specially designed anchor-less screws, TotalMount for Nintendo Switch can be installed easily in minutes with a screwdriver. Our built-in level also eliminates the hassle from wall mounting.

Is TotalMount for Nintendo Switch compatible with stud mounting?

Yes! Center holes are included for optional stud mounting (drill required).

TotalMount products are protected by over 30 patents in multiple countries.

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TotalMount – The trusted leader in media-player mounting.