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TotalMount For
Apple TV Remote

Tired of losing your Apple TV Remote?

We love the sleek, minimalistic remote design of the Apple Remote, but it has an amazing propensity to get lost in couch cushions.


With TotalMount Remote Holder, you can keep your Apple Remote ready for action by attaching it to the side of your TV.  TotalMount Remote Holder includes a simple mechanism to integrate your Lightning cable so that your Apple Remote is always charged and ready for use.


TotalMount Apple TV Remote Holder is available from Apple, and is also available as part of the TotalMount Pro bundle.


3 Apple TV Mounting Diagram


Placing your remote behind or on the side of your TV keeps it out of the way and yet instantly available when you need it.

Modern Design

The modern, minimalistic design is patent-pending and will look great in your living room.

Integrated Lighting Cable for Charging the Apple Remote

Easily integrate the Apple Remote charging cable (included with Apple TV) so that your remote is always ready for action.


Patent Information


Please see http://innovelis.com/rtm/ for information about our patent portfolio.