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TotalMount For Apple TV

Mount Your Apple TV Easily and Reliably

Apple TV is an amazing product, but there is a problem: Where do you put your Apple TV?

The cables often are not long enough to reach your entertainment center. Another important consideration is that leaving cables exposed looks sloppy, and routing cables through the wall to hide the cables is a major hassle. TotalMount solves the installation problem by attaching Apple TV to your television.

TotalMount is compatible with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation Apple TVs (both the old and new Apple TV).

Easy & Secure

TotalMount includes a special adhesive optimized for use with TVs to attach Apple TV to the back of your television for tool-free installation.

3 Apple TV Mounting Diagram

No Wall Tunneling

Attaching Apple TV® to your television eliminates the need to run the HDMI cable through your wall.

Well Designed

We poured our passion into even the smallest details.  From the piano-like black finish to the soft interior padding, TotalMount is designed to compliment Apple TV’s premium design and feel.


The innovative mount design is tailored to securely hold the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gen Apple TVs (the old and new Apple TV).


Similar in functionality to TotalMount Pro, this standalone Apple TV mount is compatible with both the old and new Apple TVs and includes special design features to maximize cool air flow around the Apple TV.


Available on Amazon.com.

TotalMount Pro

TotalMount Pro includes a premium mount, charging remote holder, and cable management.   This bundle offers a complete system to to make the setup and use of Apple TV easy.  Learn more about the innovative charging remote holder here.


Available at Apple.com and in Apple stores globally.

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For more information about our patent portfolio please go to http://innovelis.com/rtm/


Does the TotalMount mounting system require any tools to set up?

No, TotalMount for Apple TV can be installed in minutes without tools.


What is the difference between TotalMount and TotalMount Pro?

TotalMount Pro includes our premium mount, a charging Apple Remote holder, and cable management.  On the other hand, TotalMount only includes a mount.  This mount is functionally equivalent to the TotalMount Pro mount but is designed differently.  Both mounts are compatible with the old and new Apple TVs.