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TotalMount For AirPort Express

Complete mounting system – Includes all hardware

TotalMount for AirPort Express is a flexible mounting system that lets you easily mount your AirPort Express to a wall, underneath a desk, or to the back of a TV or monitor. By using TotalMount, you can help remove clutter from your desk area, while positioning your AirPort Express to achieve maximum Wi-Fi reception and minimum exposure to hazards.

Extend Wi-Fi Range

Mount AirPort Express near a power outlet for use as a Wi-Fi range extender.

Maximize Wi-Fi Performance

Mount AirPort Express away from metal objects and other items that could reduce Wi-Fi performance.

Mount near a Power Outlet

Mount AirPort Express near a power outlet and connect AirPort Express to other devices.

Mount to a Wall

Mount AirPort Express high on a wall to maximize Wi-Fi performance.

Mount under a Desk

Mount AirPort Express under a desk to unclutter your workspace and protect your AirPort.

Mount to the Back of a TV

Mount AirPort Express behind a television to enhance Apple TV or Smart TV Wi-Fi data rates.

Patented in the USA

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TotalMount – The trusted leader in media-player mounting.


Does TotalMount require any special tools to mount?

Forget about using a drill. You won’t need one. The installation is easy. All mounting hardware is included. All you will need is a screwdriver.

How many mounting options are included with TotalMount?

TotalMount for AirPort Express is a flexible solution that can be used for mounting AirPort Express to the wall, desk, TV, monitor, etc.